Shadi Magazin


Shadi Magazine is a magazine for the age groups of children and teenagers in four different languages: Persian, English, French and Arabic. This magazine’s mission is to spread the culture of reading and literature among children and is easily accessible to all since it is published on paper and is also available online.

A set of activities and objectives of this publication include:

  • Effectively communicating with children and young adults from anywhere in the world
  • Consulting and discussing with the creators, authors, audience, children, parents, librarians, and educators
  • Flourishing creativity among children
  • Improving the quality and quantity of literary sources and information for children and teenagers
  • Facilitating the access to children’s books and informative literary sources for Iranian children
  • Encouraging and supporting authors and publishers to create precious literary and informational works
  • Empowering and promoting knowledge level in persons in children's literature
  • Actively and continuously communicating with local and foreign organizations, as well as actual legal persons
  • Preparing masterpieces such as the Encyclopedia of Children and Adolescents and developing the right structure for its codification
  • Developing and promoting a reading culture
  • Collecting  resources and offering library services, and building small libraries


In order to accomplish all the above listed missions, this magazine is cooperating with any color and any language, with a universal glance and with cultural institutions of various countries. These centers and institutions include Defense of Children’s Rights, Research Institute for World’s Children, Today’s Mothers Institute, Center for Cultural Development, Research Institute for Children's Literature History in Iran, Science Promotion Institute and ...

This magazine has various plans aiming to make a difference in children’s education. We certainly hope that all the activities of this magazine are appreciated and welcomed by those of our friends who have a knowledge in education and in the internet environment, so that they would be able to help us in spreading the culture of literature and improving activities by sending us their comments and propositions.