The bookstore will offer a wide range of services such as improving acculturation of newly immigrated Persianates, language classes in English and French for Persianates and Persian classes for English and French speakers, and facilitating and promoting networks between Persianates who wish to learn about their cultural heritage of Quebec and Canada as well as their country of their birth.
The bookstore also will organize educational classes, in subjects such as creative writing, academic publishing skills, music and arts as well as other math and sciences to Persianates who need assistance with their career.
The bookstore organizes cultural events for Persianates to celebrate their major festivals and improves communication and exchange between Quebecers and Canadians and the Persianates.
In addition, The bookstore will offer a wide range of book, magazine, and music selections. This includes just about every conceivable category including fiction, non-fiction, business, science, children's, hobbies, collecting, and other types of books in Persian, Arabic, French and English.  In addition, we will be offering a competitive buy and trade service to assist in lowering our inventory acquisition costs and making our store more attractive to our customers. In addition, we offer a search and order service for customer seeking to find hard to get items. The bookstore will have a relaxed "reading room" type atmosphere that we will encourage through the placement of chairs, couches, etc.