The Canadian House of Wisdom pursues its objectives in conformity with the laws and regulations of the municipal, provincial and federal governments in Canada. The activities of the CHW are carried out without purpose of material gains for its members and all profits and accretions of the organization are used to promote its objectives. In order to achieve these objectives, the CHW proposes the following activities:

To hold meetings and conferences on religious issues of common concern to all religions. Representatives from different religious communities and organizations will be invited to take part in the organization and the proceedings of these conferences.

To set up a permanent coordination committee from the different religious communities and organizations attending the CHW conferences in the purpose of helping the poor and the needy in Canada and abroad.

To organize soccer tournaments and cultural events, such as food and music festivals, for Canadian youth from different religions and cultural communities.

To set up an institute for higher learning (college and/or university) that would offer in-class and on-line courses in the areas of religion, humanities, and other related academic areas to students regardless of their religious and national backgrounds.

To set up a research and media center that would include a library, a computer lab, and a media lab equipped with printing and audio-visual equipment. The center will offer guidance to students doing research in the areas of religion and humanities. It will also publish pamphlets, books, journals and other periodicals, as well as record lectures and produce documentaries. The center will distribute its publications and media productions by mail and/or post them on its website.

To familiarize Muslim youth with Canadian history, culture and natural beauty, by organizing lectures, Summer camps, as well as trips to major Canadian cities, historical sites and national parks, so they appreciate Canada`s natural beauty.

To celebrate Islamic feasts and organize cultural festivals and to invite people from different religious and cultural communities.

To cooperate with other organizations pursuing similar objectives in Canada and abroad.