University Financial Assistance

University Financial Assistance

The CHWU Office of Financial Assistance is available to help students access a variety of funding programs including Scholarship, Grants, and Student Loans to assist students with meeting their fees and living expenses. Eligibility for the programs varies greatly based on the student’s academic status and level of financial need.

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The Canadian House of Wisdom: Celebration of Eid Al ghadeer

On the occasion of Ghadir holiday, the Canadian House of Wisdom held a dinner party in downtown Montreal on Sunday November 11th 2012. This was a great occasion to bring together members from the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim community to celebrate this great holiday. Amongst those present were Dr. Mohsen Fatemi , psychology professor at the University of Toronto and Harvard University, Iraqi ambassador to Canada Dr. Abdul Rahman Hosseini and also Seyyed Nabil Abbas, Imam at Lebanese Islamic Center in Montreal. The evening started with speeches from distinguished guests about the greatness of Imam Ali and his importance in human history. Each speaker stated in their own way the significance of Imam Ali’s contributions to human society. After dinner, honorary certificates were handed out by president of Canadian House of Wisdom Mr. Shahrestani. This successful event was able to bring together people to celebrate Imam Ali’s contributions to the world and the Canadian house of Wisdom plans on throwing such events gain in the future. The point of this event was to make a brotherhood between all nations and religions.


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