Pathology of Islamic Studies in Canada December 01, 2015

Pathology of Islamic Studies in Canada December 01, 2015. A half-day conference on the subject of: “Pathology of Islamic Studies in Canada By CHW is to be held in Montreal and Toronto. 

Right now in addition to a few Islamic centers involved in teaching Islamic majors or researching about religious affairs, there are only three universities in whole Canada which contain Islamic researching centers, they are:

  • Simon Fraser University
  • McGill University
  • Carleton University (being established)  

The conference is aiming at calling the experts’ attention towards the present situations of Islamic training in general and the academic aspect in particular, with respect to the Canadian Islamic Institutes, the weak points of the educational process and the attitude these centers reflect towards Islam. The conference expects the participants to put forward their proposals for better approaches in Islamic studies and how to present a perfect, sound view of Islam in the multicultural society of Canada.

List of some topics deserving to be discussed:

  • The annals of Islamic studies in Canada, past, present and future.
  • The status of training and researching in the field of Islamic Sciences in the present time.
  • The contribution of Islamic countries in the development of Islamic study in Canada.
  • The policy of Canadian Government towards Islamic study.
  • The review of the last ten-year attempts made in the educational and researching centers located in Canada and the situations of the centers plus the majors taught in them.    

Thus, it is highly appreciated if you:

Introduce some of the experts in the above mentioned fields to participate in the conference.

Provide us with your precious viewpoints regarding the subordinate topics in relation to the subject of the conference:  Pathology of Islamic Studies in Canada